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Bridal Shopping?

Tuscany Mirror SetOne of the most conveninent places to shop online for beautiful flatware, like this Tuscany Mirror set (shown), for the bridge and groom is our website: http://www.cambridgesilversmiths.com. You can get started right at our home page by clicking on the word “Bridal”. We’ve already selected an array of popular elegant flatware that will brighten up the new couple’s tables for the many happy years to come.

Learn More About Flatware From ehow.com

Ammonite Mirror Set

Flatware is the term that describes the utensils used at mealtimes.  There are  several styles of flatware, although function remains the same. A consideration  for many buyers is the weight of the flatware. Each weight has its own level of  durability. Medium weight flatware is used in homes and restaurants where items  may be lost; this isn’t the weight you want for lifetime pieces. Heavy duty  flatware also is common in homes and restaurants and is of higher quality

Read more:  About Flatware | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/info_8259806_flatware.html#ixzz2PQDZdaJA

Customer Comments

Customer Comments

A recent purchaser of our Fiesta Collection pieces wrote the following:
“Thanks so much for your prompt response to my issue. You and your company have given me the best service imaginable! Thanks again!”

We thank all of you who take time out to write about your pleasant experience with us.

If You Are a Single Woman…

There is an interesting new blog that single women of all ages will appreciate.  It’s called “Common Sense Financial Management for Women”.  It’s located at http://financialmanagementwomen.blogspot.com/.  It does not deal specifically with flatware but since so many of our site visitors are single women, we’re passing it on to you in the event you might enjoy.  We hope it will be useful as well as entertaining.

Seaons Greetings!

We’re wishing you a Christmas Full of laughter, love and light, With delicious holiday foods To excite your appetite.

We’re hoping you receive Delightful gifts to make you smile, With family and friends To love you all the while.

We wish you a Merry Christmas; May your Christmas dreams come true, And when Christmas is over, Happy New Year, too!


Tip #10 – Availability & Customer Service


We know how important our customers are to us.  It’s one of the reasons we have created an entirely new web site that is user-friendly and designed to provide as much necessary information to our customers as possible.  Whether your adding to your selection or looking for replacement pieces, our customer service representatives are always there to help you.  In fact, if you visit our Blog, you will see some of the extraordinary comments we receive on a fairly regular basis.

Also, you can purchase Cambridge products directly online from our web site.  Check in every now and then to take advantage of our special sales offered on the site as well. 
At Cambridge Silversmiths, we are available to answer any questions you may have.  We are here to serve you.

The Perfect Brunch

As winter drives more and more folks indoors, weekend brunches start to abound.  Everyone wants to host The Perfect Brunch, no less be a guest at one!  Here are some tips on how to have that brunch from one of the more popular food sites on the Web, www.squidoo.com.  Of course, the key to a great brunch is the food!  But also the table arrangement and setting play key roles for a successful event.  Here are some of the menu suggestions offered on the site:

Always think savory and sweet. If you’re more daring, go with some spicy and tart items, too.  Choose one meat and/or one fish dish.   Make sure you have a substantial vegetable dish for the non-meat eaters. 

Add an egg dish as your main course (which can include the meat).   Select 1-3 sides.  Include bread/muffin mixes and sweets, especially fruits (those in season are best). 

 In addition, you may want to have a cake or pie and some cookies to end the meal.  As for drinks, Bloody Marys and Mimosas still rule the day, but Mojitos shouldn’t be counted out completely.  Lasts, a great blend of coffee and/or tea puts the finishing touch on your menu.

 And, of course, when served with Cambridge flatware and accessories, you will be sure to host The Perfect Brunch!

Tip #8 – Warranty


One of the things most people do not think about when purchasing flatware is a warranty.  Regardless of how good a quality control program a company sets up, they may be an occasional “glitch” once in a while.  However, when you buy from Cambridge Silversmiths, that’s not a problem.  You see, Cambridge® Flatware carries a limited 25-year warranty from date of purchase against defects in materials or workmanship. Any defective piece may be returned, postage-paid, for repair or replacement (at the company’s discretion) to:
Cambridge Silversmiths, 116 Lehigh Drive, Fairfield, New Jersey 07004.
You can also visit our website for more information: http://www.cambridgesilversmiths.com