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The Perfect Brunch

As winter drives more and more folks indoors, weekend brunches start to abound.  Everyone wants to host The Perfect Brunch, no less be a guest at one!  Here are some tips on how to have that brunch from one of the more popular food sites on the Web,  Of course, the key to a great brunch is the food!  But also the table arrangement and setting play key roles for a successful event.  Here are some of the menu suggestions offered on the site:

Always think savory and sweet. If you’re more daring, go with some spicy and tart items, too.  Choose one meat and/or one fish dish.   Make sure you have a substantial vegetable dish for the non-meat eaters. 

Add an egg dish as your main course (which can include the meat).   Select 1-3 sides.  Include bread/muffin mixes and sweets, especially fruits (those in season are best). 

 In addition, you may want to have a cake or pie and some cookies to end the meal.  As for drinks, Bloody Marys and Mimosas still rule the day, but Mojitos shouldn’t be counted out completely.  Lasts, a great blend of coffee and/or tea puts the finishing touch on your menu.

 And, of course, when served with Cambridge flatware and accessories, you will be sure to host The Perfect Brunch!