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Cambridge Silversmiths – Tip #7 – Gifting Flatware

Lots of people give flatware as a gift.  This includes weddings and other events wherein setting up a new household in involved.  But, there are many occasions where relatives and close friends augment the flatware on individuals or couples with serving pieces, additional settings and cutlery…to name a few. 

Of course, in many of these situations, the pattern has already been decided upon.  However, in situations where you will decide on the design, gauge, grade and finish, you will most likely make your decision based on the lifestyle of the person(s) who will be receiving your gift.

For young people who are continually on-the-go and don’t entertain much, you will most likely want them to have flatware that is sturdy and very easy-to-maintain.  Keep in mind how the “comfort fit” should be. For example, try to imagine the type of use the flatware will get by the type of individual’s personality.  To illustrate, a young male in his first-time household will probably want a heavier flatware with a high gauge and a brushed or matte finish.   You get the idea.  More importantly, you won’t have to worry about finding the right match for the right person(s) from the large variety and broad selection Cambridge offers you to choose from.