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Customer Comments 6

Here is the most recent comment we have received.  It’s from a lady who lost a knife and was looking to replace it.  She wrote:

Thank you soooo much for the replacement.  I always said that good customer service is the reason for us to stick to a product.  After the way you dealt with my problem, I’m going to buy more and more of your products.  I actually did start,  and I already bought a new set of steak knives.  Once again,  thank you  and I’m gonna’ put an excellent review on my purchase! 

Our thanks, too, for your kind remarks about Cambridge.



Cambridge Silversmiths – Tip #6 – Finishes

The surface finish of your stainless steel flatware choice is a combination of personal taste and how your flatware will be used most often.  What type of finish you choose can often be a reflection of your lifestyle plus the intended use.   For example, if you want to use the flatware for more formal occasions, you will want a polished finish that is more classic looking.  If you desire a pattern than is more contemporary and softer in appearance, then you might prefer a matte finish.  Many customers prefer a brushed finish because it doesn’t show scratches easily as a result of heavy usage.  Whichever you choose, if the stainless is of the same grade, the flatware will last for the same amount of time.

Some people prefer a brushed finish as opposed to a smooth mirror finish mainly because it does not show scratches easily and does not require special polishing to keep its sheen.  Obviously, those folks most likely use their flatware regularly.  Nonetheless, if you take proper care of your stainless steel and it is of a high grade, little extra care is needed to ensure the finish you choose will not lose its luster.  For more information on the variety of finishes offered byCambridge, visit the product selection pages on our website.