New Series of Tips on Purchasing Flatware

This is the first in a series of helpful tips from our Design Director, Noelle Smith, on how to choose the right flatware for yourself or as a gift.  We hope these tips will be of value when you make your next flatware purchase.

Cambridge Silversmiths – Tip #1 – Comfort and Ease of Use


In a recent survey of our customers, we learned that the first thing they looked for when selecting flatware was how comfortable it was to use or handle.  Of course, this incorporates the average weight and shape of the given utensils and how easy it was for the customer to hold and use.  Some people like heavier flatware and others lean towards eating with lighter utensils.  Regardless, it was the most important attribute for making the decision.  Many of our purchasers also buy flatware as gifts. On some occasions they may try to match the pattern with the recipient’s personality or guess what would go with their dinnerware.

 On another note, whether you are shopping online or perhaps in a retail store, you may not actually be able to pick up a utensil to try it out.  We suggest if that’s the case, that when you are dining out at a restaurant or at a friend’s home, FEEL the flatware and see what you are comfortable eating with.  Research can be a fun, as well as rewarding, experience in the long run and you will acquire knowledge of how different one brand can feel versus another.

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